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"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power." 


I have one goal when I work with clients; to support them in achieving their dreams with more passion, more purpose and less stress. 


I work with leaders and their teams on knowing themselves and knowing others. 

Being at the top of your game can be stressful, lonely and at times, unrewarding. Being successful might mean something different for you now. You live to achieve and look for fast results. Whatever the adventure, I work with clients exclusively and confidentially to achieve the results they desire whilst enjoying life at the same time. 

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I work with high achieving leaders to be so clear and confident about who they are, there is no fear of failure.


How I approach Coaching:


My experience of coaching leaders across the globe has allowed me to develop a successful blueprint that allows high achievers, with vision and dedication to bring out their ful potential.

When we look at these quadrants of you you are, and how you perform, we can then see what's holding you back and bring out the best success whilst focusing on what feels right for you. 

As a coach, I act as a partner with my clients; exploring the right mindset, decision making and presence that will achieve their ambitions. 

During our time we explore how you think, your physical and mental performance, your values and purpose and how you connect with others.

I work in depth to transform your life, empowering you to be the very best of yourself, now for the future. Ready for any waves that come your way. 

 Transformative Executive, Career and Leadership Coaching that gets you unstuck to move forwards in your life  

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Example Problems my Clients Face:

  • I love work but it is costing me my personal life
  • The stakes are high and I need people to buy into my idea
  • I must persuade or influence the right people to achieve what I need to achieve
  • I'm unhappy and want to change how I approach things 
  • I need to improve my performance, or I'll miss my big chance
  • I'm not where I thought I'd be at this stage in my life 
  • I want to feel inspirational and impress people when I present on stage
  • My career seems to be at a standstill and I need help moving forward
  • I am overwhelmed and I don’t want to burn out
  • We have a strategy, but nothing is happening
  • I am successful, but I feel uninspired and reduced to my bare minimum
  • I'm frustrated with my team... my colleagues and at times myself
  • I keep getting stuck in the same places and want to move forward
  • I'm frustrated, because I know deep down I can do better
  • I'm feel like I'm playing too small, I want more from my work and life
  • I am great at technical, but now I have to be great with “people stuff” and I find it time-consuming and annoying
  • I can’t trust anyone else to get things done, but I don’t have time to keep doing this myself.
  • I want to be the leader my people deserve

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The call is 45 minutes, during that time we discuss the results you want to achieve and what you need to make that happen. Then, we will decide if we take that journey further. 

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

- Carl Jung

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Enjoy weekly episodes of the Ambition to Impact podcast with Alexandra and guests sharing daring tales of global leadership. In each episode we discuss real-life challenges, thought leadership and disrupt the outdated ideas of how leadership works

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Your impact as a leader is supported by four pillars that determine your performance, presence and purpose. 

  1. How you think. 
  2. How you're driven 
  3. How you prepare 
  4. How you connect

Using my complimentary scorecard tool you can benchmark your ability to achieve more, feel more energised and influence on your leadership journey. 

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ABOUT Ambition to Impact & ALEXANDRA

Alexandra is is a skilled personal coach working with executives, leaders and HNW individuals. Alexandra shares a belief with her clients that life is fulfilling when in the pursuit of our own potential. Her coaching has been described as 'challenging', 'life changing' and 'transformational' working deeply with clients to create the thoughts, habits and behaviours that create happy lives, astounding confidence, and highly impactful leaders.

The environment Alexandra creates for clients is exclusive, secure, and a place for deep reflection. A client once said " How do you get in my brain?" when challenging a thought process.

Alexandra's coaching is bold and direct - you won't be coddled, but you will be supported to stretch yourself. 


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Success Stories

" I've only had one coaching session with Alexandra so far but got incredible value from just that one session. I came away feeling all fired up and ready to take on the world! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for coaching, particularly to accountants who are looking to become that true trust advisor role for their clients. Thanks again Alexandra. Invaluable!"

Managing Director

"I had a fantastic one hour session with Alexandra. She helped me to get clarity on what wasn’t working for me in my business and what actions I needed to take to move it forward. By the end of the hour I felt clear and motivated. Within 24 hours I had taken the first step on the action plan we had created which, on my own, I wouldn’t have felt brave enough to do! I can highly recommend working with Alexandra."

Accounting Professional

"worked with Alex to put on a series of events for our younger members in relation to confident communication. Alex was great, consistently hitting the right tone for our group and helping to build their skills at a time during the pandemic when everything was having to be done remotely"

Linda Allardyce,

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