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Who deserves the best of you

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Reaching your potential isn;t just about you - when you are confident you make WAVES n your life and career. Your team, your employer, your company, your clients and your family. 

So, who is it that deserves the best version of you?

Take the scorecard and check which areas you have left untapped, giving yu a blueprint to being more influential and valuable in your career… and at home! 


Our mission is to get finance & tech leaders accessing their brilliance by understanding themselves, and others so they can make stronger decisions for our future  

We think changes in digital technology are exciting. Automating parts of the workforce is creating an extraordinary change in the way we provide value as humans. Our mission to ensure analytical thinkers like you, have an accelerated way of expanding your minds. Reaching your full potential through mastering the soft skills will make you exceptional in the digital era. 


Your Journey to Impact 

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Enjoy weekly episodes with Alexandra and expert guests in leadership and performance. Each week we discuss key topics, and ask you the questions that challenge your thinking so you can be at your most effective, and really make waves.

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Alexandra is an executive performance coach and founder of Speaking Ambition, providing executive coaching and mentoring for high achievers to get them feeling confident, articulate and valuable at work, and at home.

Using her experience as a professional voice and acting coach in London's West End, her background in corporate finance, experience as founder of an award-winning digital accountancy entrepreneur and training in psychology, Alexandra brings the perfect blend to open up the technical perfectionists so that they can truly create an impact in their careers. 

Through her courses and podcast, she has helped thousands of professionals to find their own style of communicating effectively, and the confidence to make the impact they want in their career. Alexandra has coached clients at  Xero, Disney Theatrical Productions and Swiss Re, and has written featured publications for AccountingWeb, Independent Financial Accountant, AAT and featured in ICAEW Economia Magazine.

Alexandra holds an BA in Theatre from Rose Bruford Drama College, ICF Membership, DISC certification ad had her first podcast Presenting Finance voted 8th best Presentation Podcast on the Internet 2021. 

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Success Stories

"I had a fantastic one hour session with Alexandra. She helped me to get clarity on what wasn’t working for me in my business and what actions I needed to take to move it forward. By the end of the hour I felt clear and motivated. Within 24 hours I had taken the first step on the action plan we had created which, on my own, I wouldn’t have felt brave enough to do! I can highly recommend working with Alexandra."

Aileen Edgar
Accounting Lecturer

" I've only had one coaching session with Alexandra so far but got incredible value from just that one session. I came away feeling all fired up and ready to take on the world! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for coaching, particularly to accountants who are looking to become that true trust advisor role for their clients. Thanks again Alexandra. Invaluable!"

Chris Brown,
Managing Director

"worked with Alex to put on a series of events for our younger members in relation to confident communication. Alex was great, consistently hitting the right tone for our group and helping to build their skills at a time during the pandemic when everything was having to be done remotely"

Linda Allardyce,

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