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Success is determined by two relationships:

the one with others, and the one you have with yourself 

Business is all about people, and a leader's success is based on how you connect, influence and affect. Good people are visible and make an incredible impression. But that's not true, is it? 

Good people go noticed all the time.  From interviews to board positions, to investments - I make sure you feel proud and confident to be seen as the integral leader you are, just as you. 

No set templates, no tick box exercises: we are about deep behaviour change that fits with your values and a fast-paced environment. 

When you achieve this you increase your team's productivity, your profile and your business opportunities. 


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Be so clear and confident about who you are, there is no fear of failure.


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From influence to career changes, stress management to EQ.

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

- Carl Jung

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Your Journey to Make an Impact

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Enjoy weekly episodes of the Ambition to Impact podcast with Alexandra and guests sharing daring tales of global leadership. In each episode we discuss real-life challenges, thought leadership and disrupt the outdated ideas of how leadership works

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Inspiration starts with you 

Your impact as a leader is supported by four pillars that determine your performance, presence and purpose. 

  1. How you think. 
  2. How you're driven 
  3. How you prepare 
  4. How you connect

Using my complimentary scorecard tool you can see which areas will improve your ability to achieve more, feel more energised and influence on your leadership journey. 

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ABOUT Ambition to Impact 

Ambition to impact is all about harnessing the human skills, in business, and putting values, strengths and purpose at the heart of those leading at the top, and ultimately lead a life worth living. 

Founded by performance coach Alexandra Bond Burnett, a skilled personal coach working with executives, leaders and HNW individuals.

Her coaching has been described as 'challenging', 'life changing' and 'transformational' working deeply with clients to create the thoughts, habits and behaviours that create happy lives, astounding confidence, and highly impactful leaders.

Alexandra's coaching is bold and direct - you won't be coddled, but you will be supported to stretch yourself. 


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CB, Managing Director

" I've only had one coaching session with Alexandra so far but got incredible value from just that one session. I came away feeling all fired up and ready to take on the world! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for coaching. Thanks again Alexandra. Invaluable!"


AL, Founder 

"I had a fantastic session with Alexandra. She helped me to get clarity on what wasn’t working for me in my business and what actions I needed to take to move it forward. By the end of the hour I felt clear and motivated. Within 24 hours I had taken the first step on the action plan we had created which, on my own, I wouldn’t have felt brave enough to do! I can highly recommend working with Alexandra."

Linda Allardyce,

"We worked with Alex to put on a series of events for our members in relation to confident communication. Alex was great, consistently hitting the right tone for our group and helping to build their skills at a time during the pandemic when everything was having to be done remotely"

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