What could you achieve, if stopped letting doubt get in the way?

7 days, 7 methods to boost your self belief

I can't tell you the number of times I've held my self back out of fear. 

So many times when I had an opportunity, I used to say to myself:


"I can't do that, I'm not good enough"


or " But they are so much better than me with so much experience, they'll wonder what I'm even doing there"

I'f you've ever had these kind of doubts like me, I can honestly say you are not alone.


Imposter Syndrome is that horrible dark voice that tells you you're no good, you're undeserving, or just not clever enough to succeed and is usually the cause of procrastination and self sabotage. 

The doubt, fear and anxiety caused by IS is at the root of public speaking fear, and this is something I had to overcome to get t where I wanted to be. 


I studied and learned techniques that helped me to push past the fear and reset my mindset. I now use these with coaching clients to help them become fearless speakers. 


If you are caught in this trap of feeling inadequate, then take a look at these exercises to flip your mindset.


Over 7 days you will learn to retrain your mindset and help you to:

> audit your negative emotions and learn when they are useful
> believe in your abilities and have the confidence to share them
> turn your inner critic into a positive ally

Isn’t it time to let go of your imposter syndrome and take more opportunites with confidence?