About Ambition to Impact

Founded by Alexandra Bond Burnett, Ambition to Impact is a centre that champions the transformation of exceptional leaders.  

About Alexandra

Alexandra is a premium ICF Certified Coach and Performance Specialist experienced in working with the high achiever profile across the globe, those that pursue excellence but have lost their way.  

About Alex 

My style of coaching dailies between nurturing, and brutal honesty. I live to create that space where we push the boundaries to see what people are really capable of, beyond the stories we tell ourselves. Beyond the could's, should's and would's.

Beyond my qualifications and accreditation, I've been in both corporate and run my own business. I'm a fellow obsessive, determined to achieve. Determine to give my best professionally. I understand the personal costs that 100% can have on life, relationships and health.  

I hate to be told I cannot achieve something, and I work with people of a similar mindset. There's nothing we can't do if we have the focus, belief and balance behind us. 

Who I am 

  • I am hugely optimistic, but also very dry in humour, which I hide as people don't realise I'm joking. 
  • Obsessed with reading, psychology and neurological behaviour change
  • I am outgoing but extremely private. 
  • In a past life, I was a professional singer
  • I worked three jobs to pay for my first degree 
  • Raised by a powerhouse single mother who worked hard, and played hard.  
  • Regular skier, open swimmer and paddleboarder. I come alive around water. 
  • Dog person. I have two, will have more. 
  • I'm fiercely loyal. And ferociously protective. 
  • I have been called 'a dangerous lady' when playing poker
  • I live for good wine, food and family. 

The Vision for the Future


Dramatic changes comes fast, and we need the leaders that have the resilience, emotional intelligence and compassion to handle what comes next.  

We sit at the heart of that, at the heart of leading change in leaders that succeed in every aspect of their life, using their authentic strengths. 

Featured In 

Master Communicator

According to Alexandra Bond
Burnett, a speaking coach for
accountancy professionals, effective communication is about awareness of three key themes: intention,
interpretation and adaption. 


Expert opinion: 6 tips to become a master at presentations

AAT has produced a video with invaluable tips on delivering a presentation which follows Jay Wilson AATQB in his quest to improve his presentation skills.

Jay is mentored by Presentation Skills Trainer Alexandra Bond Burnett. So what are Alex’s top presentation tips for becoming a presentation master?

It's time to be human

Finance professionals must see automation and AI as a means to an end, not the end itself. With time freed up and valuable data at hand, accountants must learn to develop their communication skills and meet the rest of the business face-to-face.

Hidden opportunities for better communication

We were super excited to be joined by coach, speaker and all-around powerhouse; Alexandra Bond Burnett. Through Speaking Ambition, Alexandra has coached hundreds of people in the accounting world to improve their speaking skills. Alexandra believes that presence and influence are just as important as technical skills in the world of finance today (we’re inclined to agree!).


  • it’s hard to make dry analytical data sexy, to it’s vital accountants can tell the story behind the numbers
  • The benefits for accountants of a ‘value to you’ vocabulary when speaking to clients
  • When accountants can connect raw information with what matters to clients, it makes their communication more meaningful
  • The emotions that drive human behaviour and how accountants can use them to drive business forward

Podcast: Cloud Stories 

In this episode, we talk about . . .

The importance of communication training for the accounting industry
Recognising how to surface your mojo, to improve your presence
The concept of taking clients on a journey through data storytelling
The Professional Presence Equation = Reveal, Resonate, Retell Represent and Reach
Amplifying your authenticity and the difference between reciting and speaking.

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