02. The 5 Principles of Impactful and Successful People

Apr 12, 2021
Can you articulate your value in a way that matters to other people? In this episode, Alexandra Bond Burnett explores the 5 traits that impactful and successful people have that not only advances their prospects but saves the economy millions each year*
Your personal impact, or presence, becomes a problem when you can't effectively share your ideas or insights to the people that you need onside. It can be frustrating, demoralising and reduce the opportunities you receive. 
Massively effective people know how to connect to others, influence ideas and positively affect the people around them. This is where your technical abilities really shine. 
To make headway as a leader, expert professional or influence big change for the future you need to master the 5 principles I've seen leaders globally use to reach their highest potential. 
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Alexandra Bond Burnett is the founder of Speaking Ambition, and the host of Ambition to Impact. Alexandra specialises in helping analytical thinkers, and precisionist professionals communicate powerfully, in an age where influence matters. 

Speaking on Emotional intelligence and presence, Alexandra will guide you towards effective interactions in your career.