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06. 3 Behaviours of Massively Effective Communicators

May 24, 2021

3 Behaviors of Massively Effective Communicators
When faced with a room of high IQs... what really gets the work done? How can we be more powerful and productive, and how can we feel less stressed in our relationships at work?
In this episode, I will share with you how to be effective, intentional, and be seen in what you do. These are the skills that really make you incredible, how to raise your EQ (Emotional Quotient) to enhance your IQ, that gets you seen, valued and heard in a noisy and digital world. 
There are three behaviours that I see consistently from executives who are fantastic communicators. They get great results, are well thought of in their field and always manage difficult situations with ease, and minimum stress. These are the people that make a difference. 
I talk about the three behaviours of super effective communicators that will help you achieve this: 
1) Staying aware, but in control of your emotions so you stay in the driving seat, and what to look for with others so you have more productivity and amazing results. 
2) Laser focus only on what you know (the data) with the emotional result (I am confused, I am frustrated) rather than blaming (you made me feel) to create clarity in your conversations and avoid any sensitivity. Then moving towards a positive action together (what do we need to do to make this happen).
3) Get intentional! Not just about YOUR ideal outcomes but the overall outcome. How do you want your conversation partner to think, or feel... or even do after your conversation? How can you navigate towards that? 
Tune in to find out more about them.
[02:00] Communicate with Impact Scorecard
[03:22] Staying in control
[07:35] Being Data Focused
[13:23] Being clear and intentional
Powerful Quotes
● People who are massively effective recognize that it’s not that effective people don’t feel emotions, it’s that they are aware of them, and then use that as a signal to know what to do next.
● Emotional intelligence is checking in with your emotions, recognizing what they are, and why you're feeling them and then regulating them so that you can be more effective.
● Leaders are embarking on a coaching conversation, and a coaching conversation is always to find a way through. And that's why a lot of leaders now are developing coaching techniques. It’s about finding that path through, together.
● Think about what you want people to think, feel or do after the conversation you have had with them.
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