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11. Alastair Barlow: How passion is the driving force of people culture and data analytics

emotional intelligence high performance habits power skills talent management Nov 08, 2021

In this episode of the Ambition to Impact podcast, I'm joined by Alastair Barlow, Flinder founding partner

Flinder helps businesses evolve by delivering a finance function that is in sync with their overall strategy, and they do it charged with passion, people, and high adrenalin performance. 

"I just don't believe you need to wear a suit to be your best self"

In this episode, Alastair talks about the importance of passion in their business, as founders but also creating a legacy of loving what you do through each team member. 

We discuss how passion, team building and the ROI of happiness impacts this has on his team, clients and stakeholders, and how that passion transforms the performance in each team member, and even impacts the value given to clients in how they align data with strategy. 

Important Quotes

  •       If you love something so much, it doesn't feel like work, and you will create something so much better”
  •     “ You need not wear a suit to be your best self. You need to be comfortable in your own skin, you need to be comfortable coming to work” 
  •       “ It's about figuring out which part of your career or profession or what you do to help other people and make a living makes you happy and you're passionate about”
  •       “The way the team bonds and how they work together and the culture and all that and it's so impressive to see and that's taken on its own life, if you like that's no longer Luke, and I, we might have started the snowball, but it's the team that keeps it where it's going”
  •     The passion and energy are what magnetised, attracted which add one huge amount of credibility for Flinder”
  •     Dealing with challenges and those moments when lacking motivation… It’s about empathy. It’s about listening.”
  •     Our team is the most important asset that we have and the most important thing. We want to be a people organisation, and people first, and we really try and listen”
  •       "ROI on investing in a team like that is a happy workforce. That reduces churn."
  •       “The value-added part is the part on top where you break down the story, what it's actually telling you and challenge the business to, to think differently or take different actions or, you know, bringing that insight”
  •   “ If you think of it as your business, you add more value, you add more challenge”



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