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05. Humanising The Numbers With Paul Shrimpling

exceptional interactions high performance habits soft skills May 11, 2021

Humanising The Numbers With Paul Shrimpling

Paul Shrimpling is the Managing Director of Remarkable Practice Ltd, a UK-based company set up to challenge ambitious accountancy firms to ‘humanise the numbers.’ Their role is to connect and help transform the thinking and behaviours of the accountancy firms.

In this episode of Ambition to Impact Podcast, Paul talks about his journey to helping firms humanise the numbers, how to high quality interaction is a win-win situation for business and clients, and how to build skill work. He also shares some of the biggest challenges accountants face, including the brutal truth of change and some common mistakes. Tune in to listen to these and many exciting topics we discuss.


[01:25] Influencing how a client feels

[02:10] How high-quality interaction with accountants help businesses

[03:43] Where it all started: Paul’s history with helping accounting firms

[07:06] Some of the biggest mistakes people make

[11:50] Facing the brutal truth of change

[14:20] The biggest challenge accountants face

[17:17] How to build skill work

[18:48] Helping your team to grow

[25:10] The human accounting practice

Notable Quotes

  • If the accountants have more human interactions as opposed to email interactions, then they will feel a great sense of value.
  • My passion, zeal, and energy to work with accountants came from the fact that every business owner has taken the risk and faces challenges on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.
  • There are two different types of accountants: the one who took humanity seriously and the one who only takes the numbers work seriously
  • We think we can take someone who is a particular style of person in terms of their natural tendencies to do a particular type of work.
  • We assume we got to be extroverts to be good human beings. We just have to be exactly who we are, a blend of the two (introvert and extrovert).
  • If you don’t grow your people, you will not grow your accountancy firm.
  • If you're going to build skill;  accountants want to be right first time, okay? When you to go build skill, that just won't work. You've got to be willing, open up a little bit to "Oh, I might make a few mistakes" Yeah, well, you're right, you will. And it's the repetition at the edge of your skill that means you're going to mess up. And so it's going to be a struggle.

Links And Resources

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success By Carol Dweck


Connect With Paul

Remarkable Practice Website

Humanise The Numbers Podcast 





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