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IWD 2022 Breaking the Bias; My Top Resources for Women Leaders

confidence emotional intelligence fintech iwd leadership women Mar 09, 2022

International Women's Day 2022

I created this list for women in leadership, future women leaders and male allies wishing to help improve their overall company performance - after all. organisations with balanced genders at the top report 25% high profits and performance... so it's not only morally the right thing, but economically too.

 Breaking the bias 

This year the theme of international women's day is about breaking the bias. Instantly we think perhaps, of men's bias towards women, but all people can have very deep-seated ideas of bias and what that means for others.

I would invite you to explore the gender bias that women have shown you, and more controversially, the bias you may even unconsciously hold about yourself ("I'm not good enough", "people will judge me!").

Bias is unavoidable - if you have a brain you have bias lurking within.

That doesn't mean we can sit on it though. To be a successful leader is to behave in a way that constantly reflects on your own thinking, feelings and actions. 

Being aware of your bias, bringing it to the front and bravely acknowledging it is all we can ask people to do. 

My top books, podcasts and people to follow

Following International Women's Day I have created a list of resources, people to follow that are inspiring, that bravely explore their thoughts and actions to reduce gender bias in the workplace.  

We all wish to have an impact in our careers. If you are searching for ways to develop your impact take a look at my free diagnostic tool. It covers 5 key areas of leadership impact, measuring where you are strong, and where there is room for improvement. 

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 The Authority Gap, Mary Ann Sieghart 

Learn about how women experience authority - often needing to prove themselves, where men do not. In here is a fascinating look at two Stanford Professors who both transitioned in opposite directions. A unique perspective of seeing things from both sides. 

One professor, now identifying as a man, comments that their work was criticised as: "not as good as that of their sister". The critic was in fact talking of the same person.  

Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

Why are women more likely to die of heart attacks and car crashes?



"FinTech Women Walk the Talk draws upon the author’s podcasts that feature the insights of more than 150 FinTech experts; more than 100 of which are women. It is a call to action for diversity in the workplace, showcasing the successes and presenting how to overcome the challenges."


The SHED Method - Sarah Milne Rowe

 Fellow Performance coach SMR write here about the SHED method - the 4 areas that need to be looked at in order to perform at your best. Sleep, Health, Exercise and Diet. 


How to be Successful without Hurting Men's Feelings - Sarah Cooper. This was recommended to me, a tongue in cheek but very truthful look at managing male egos at work.




This Squiggly Careers Podcast episode talks to  Josh Graff (UK Country Manager for LinkedIn) about the actions he takes as a leader to support women at work.  


Breaking the Bias - A great look at D&I with thoughtful interviews, for instance on the neuroscience of compassion. 

I'll just leave this here.. 

The Ambition to Impact Podcast 

An an ashamed mention of my own podcast, which has received some amazing feedback. I try to make this honest, candid, and as human as possible. The episodes include interviews leaders from data driven roles, to get to the heart of human connection, and career development, as well as professional and personal development topics to confidentally increase your impact.





Women I love to follow on Linkedin 

Brene Brown - Researcher. Storyteller. Courage-builder. 


Angela Duckworth - Founder and CEO at Character Lab, professor at UPenn, author of GRIT, co-host of the podcast No Stupid Questions


Rachel Botsman - Host of the podcast Rethink Moments 🎙 | Trust Expert | Speaker | Author of Who Can You Trust?

Talks about #trust, #humility, #rethinking, and #uncertaintyTalks about hashtag trust, hashtag


Janet Foutty - Executive Chair of the Board at Deloitte US, Author of upcoming book "Arrive and Thrive"

Talks about #dei, #wellbeing, #governance, #leadership, and #digitaltransformationTalks


Alison Rose - Chief Executive Officer at NatWest Group

Talks about #womeninfinance #businessfunding


Nicola Buckley -  Helping Organisations Support Female Leaders and Talent to Find their Fire for More Impact, Influence and Income 

Talks about #coaching, #femaleleaders, #leadershipcoach, #selfdevelopment, and #womeninleadership


Carol Stewart - 5 x LinkedIn Top Voice UK,The Coach for High Achieving Introverted Women - Executive, Career, & Leadership Coach, Author, Podcast Host

Talks about #womenleaders, #introvertedleaders, #communicationskills, #leadershipdevelopment, and #equitydiversityinclusion


I hope this has given you some food for thought!

Have any more to add to this list? Email me at [email protected]


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