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E18. The Finance Leader's Secret Weapon to Building Trust, with Ian Johnson, Spectris plc

behaviour emotional intelligence futureoffinance influence leadership personal brand Mar 29, 2022


What does it take to build a successful finance career?

Speak first, be the strongest voice in the room and be a beast... will NOT get you a welcomed seat at the table.  

After a bumpy start Ian Johnson took the time to learn more about himself, and what it really took to connect, build trust and raise others up in finance creating personal triumphs for him - but more importantly for his team and his organisation.  

When it comes to success in a finance career, Ian now has very clear ideas on what makes a leader stand out, and what will cost them greatly. 

In this episode, Ian Johnson, Group Finance Controller at Spectris Plc joins me in conversation sharing tales from his remarkable finance career - including sharing his hardest lessons - going from bulldozing over people in meetings, to shedding his tie and opening up as a trusted and respected leader. 

Included in the episode: 

Ian shares his unique start in finance, through engineering How to be humble, and build strong relationships  The difference between a numbers guy and a commercial finance leader  How he builds up his team, inviting listening and strong partnering throughout the company  Building rapport and getting to the root of the problems 


Top Quotes - 

"it’s ok to be the numbers guy but depending on where you want to be in your career, you need to build relationships. You need to be able to challenge." 

"you won't be successful from being a beast"

“I took off my tie, and the CEO said “welcome to the table” "


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