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08. Nicola Buckley Interview; How to be Direct in Corporate and still be Liked

behaviour emotional intelligence women Jun 30, 2021

In this episode, I talk to Nicola Buckley. As a confidence & neuroscience expert, Nicola’s purpose is to help you achieve your self-identity for an impactful living.

Nicola and I share thoughts on being in the direct corporate world without having to please others to avoid their judgment. 

Have you have restricted your natural responses for fear of being seen as too aggressive, or blunt?

OR maybe you've been called out on 'not being professional' and being overly emotional... when that's just who you are! It can be exhausting to hold yourself back.

We share our thoughts on leadership techniques we see work, and how to be your natural self, and how you can overcome corporate stress without compromising your principles and values.


Key Highlights

05:10 Initial discussion

06:50 Changes in leadership in the corporate world

08:37 How can men be aware of the changes in corporate leadership

12:58 Is a need to please a gender-based issue. How to stop wanting to please

18:30 What to focus on when letting go of pleasing others

30:18 Aspects of leading authentically/Self-awareness

33:30 Core actions to take

36:19 Where to find more info



  • Everything is always open to change. It only needs the right mindset and a right decision
  • Living internally is reconnecting to yourself. It is about coming back to your true self
  • When you are in the people-pleasing mode, your life is externally lived. You are not in your true self
  • It is better to be judged for who you are, rather than avoiding judgment by faking your personality
  • The best way to stop pleasing people is is to start with you 
  • Choosing to become unapologetically yourself is the first step to having an impact in the corporate world.



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