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12. Maria Macklin: Dress with Intent. Be Visible. Be YOU.

confidence personal brand style Dec 10, 2021

"I help people connect who they are on the inside to how they show up on the outside. And when those two are aligned, the people who meet them perceive them in the right way."
In this episode of the Ambition to Impact podcast, we are joined by Maria Macklin, an Image & Style Consultant that works with executives to unlock their style and refine their personal brand.
Do you dress to fit in, be noticed, or hideaway on the zoom screen? Clothing for centuries has has a secret purpose to connecting individuals from our school years to the industries we work in.
In this episode, we talk about what our clothes and style really does for our work. There's no getting around the fact that we as human, judge each other.
Our brains create mental shortcuts to help navigate information, from company branding, to logos to the clothes that you wear. 
Does it matter to your career? 
In the show you'll find out not just what your style does for other people, but the impact it has on your productivity.
Maria is an award-winning Image Consultant at the House of Colour. She helps people deliver Professional Impact through the Science of Style.
In this episode, Maria, an image consultant, talked about how one can really make an impact and how important image is to the way that we show up at work.

Important Quotes:

"I help people connect who they are on the inside to how they show up on the outside. And when those two are aligned, the people who meet them perceive them in the right way."

"Personal brand… What do you stand for how you show up? And what are the values that are core to you that you want other people to get very quickly."

“Your personal brand is what people say about you when you've left the room”.

"You have to start with you, if you don't show up authentically to you, then you're never going to get it right."

"What are the words that you want to leave them with when you've left the room?"


"Your brain reacts to how you show up. So if you show up. when you dress with intent, your brain would be more intentional on your day than when you don't."

"Be authentic. Be TRUE to you. "

"Understand how you connect your personality to what you wear on the outside and be visible. " 

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