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Retain top talent ?

You're extraordinarily good at what you do, you specialise in a technical field but the more the world turns digital the more you need excellent people skills to make things happen. 

You often find yourself frustrated that your ideas don't get taken up when they could really make a difference, 

You get feedback for speaking with too much detail, you feel 'ok' at presenting and that's just not good enough for what you want to achieve.

Ultimately - you don't feel you've fully stepped into the leader you could be, you are emerging, and need some guidance to take that next step.

People that flourish create companies that thrive


Attract and retain the top talent in your industry


Brew a culture of positivity and accountability


Nurture high performance, confidence and proactiveness  


Have happier, more positive and influential teams

Challenge thinking, create outstanding leaders

Each month the club votes on a current leadership topic (see examples below) and have their thinking challenged to create stronger performance outcomes and happier people. We know that professional performance soars with these three elements: 


Managers need the self awareness, emotional intelligence to manage conflict, stress and interpersonal relationships

People Skills

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What do you get?

This club is here to make your life as a leader so much easier, we will broaden your teams through self-awareness, tackle toxic behaviours and empower them to take action. 


Monthly lunch and learn. 20 minutes on a leadership or wellness topic voted for by the community. Hosted live and saved to the learning vault for access later


Impact challenge a short exercise to improve management skills, with a monthly prize draw winning 1-2-1 coaching sessions


Recording vault of personal development and wellness trainings


Q&A Power Hour. 1 hour a month session to answer questions, live or anonymously to resolve any curiosities, issues or challenges


Quarterly Expert Speaker (Voted for by the club!) 


Value alignment - we provide content to your team in line with your company values.




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