"Each day you are leading by example. Whether you realise it or not or whether it’s positive or negative, you are influencing those around you."

Rob Liano

Transforming leaders through three principles of change;

Change is always possible, it's one of our core beliefs. But that doesn't mean it's easy. Any person can read or google the 'how's of life, and some actually do them. But high performance, deep change requires more. Here is our recipe for creating high performing achivers in leadership:

Pure Coaching

A dedicated ICF accredited coach is there to pull you out of the thinking that no longer serves you, and pulls you towards the behaviours and habits that allow you to thrive. 


The commitment to explore and practice new skills and techniques with fresh eyes. Space to fail is essential to mastering the practical tools of leadership. 


You already make things happen, but the key to personal change is having someone work along side you. We hold you accountable to yourself. To to your connections and to your potential. 


The Leader's Library 

Nurture your learning journey

Get your pass to this growing leadership resource, with the inside recommendations from world-class leaders. 

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Masterclass: Making an Impact as Yourself   

Challenge yourself to learn about your confidence, your vision and what makes you influential.

Define the live you want as a leader, and the impact you wish to make. This is a clarifying session to get you clear on what really matters to you, what's limiting you and where to go next t be the leader you want to be.

A reviving burst of energy to your leadership, this masterclass will allow you to reflect on who you are and understand where you need to go to feel confident and fulfilled. Discover how the rules of impact apply to you, and leave with renewed confidence and clarity to influence and impact as a leader. 

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Personal Impact for Lasting Transformation:  The 12-month programme 

The truth will set you free

Change an industry. Inspire the world. This is our ambition, and it's yours for the taking.

The Personal Impact Programme takes you on a journey deep into your most potent self. You will discover what you are truly capable of as a leader, and rise to the challenge of knowledgable, truthful leadership.

Through our deep coaching methods, we help you drop limiting beliefs that keep your potential locked up and create strategies for high performance in the face of dramatic change.

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Chris Brown, Managing Director Brown & Co 

I've had one session with Alexandra so far but got incredible value from just that one session. I came away feeling all fired up and ready to take on the world! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for coaching, particularly to accountants who are looking to become that true trust advisor role for their clients. Thanks again Alexandra. Invaluable!

Aileen Edgar, Accounting lecturer 

I had a fantastic one hour session with Alexandra. She helped me to get clarity on what wasn’t working for me in my business and what actions I needed to take to move it forward. By the end of the hour I felt clear and motivated. Within 24 hours I had taken the first step on the action plan we had created which, on my own, I wouldn’t have felt brave enough to do! I can highly recommend working with Alexandra.

Pamela Phillips, MD de Jong Phillips 

I highly recommend Alexandra if you are looking to develop your public speaking skills for you or your team.

I’ve participated in a couple of Alexandra’s courses and both were incredibly helpful. I can easily see how they will, and are, helping me deliver more impactful presentations.

Alexandra makes the course engaging and fun and is a pleasure to learn from.