• Alexandra Bond Burnett

10 Powerful Coaching Questions for Accountants to Build Self-Confidence

A common occurrence for accounting professionals and presenting or public speaking, is the sudden drop in confidence (even though you don't lack this confidence doing your job!)

Confidence when you do your accounting magic, and confidence when you speak up suddenly seems miles apart, what happened?

Psychologically the confidence gap is caused by a blend of imposter syndrome, and your brain feeling that you about to be placed in a vulnerable position. When it comes to fear, your brain can't separate the difference between speaking to a room of people and being in a room with a grizzly bear. Until you start to train it not to.

Here are a few questions that you can put into action today, to start to positively influence your brain's thinking processes, and reduce that confidence gap when you speak.

Prepare your mindset

With coaching your brain, give yourself the best chance of really making these questions useful. Get yourself some space. Clear your mind and focus on how that questions makes you feel as well as what the answer is. This will help your brain connect to emotion.

Imagine you are being asked to speak to a group and talk accountancy...

1) What emotions have come up when you think about speaking?

2) What truth is there to them?

Thinking about the last presentation you gave:

3) What worked well?

4) What got in the way of you feeling really confident?

5) What is the biggest block?

6) What behaviour would you want to change for next time?

Thinking about why you are speaking in the first place:

7) What qualities do you have to make you the right person to speak about the topic?

8) How do you help people?

9) What can you do to remind yourself of this?

10) What will you do to sabotage yourself?

These are strong questions, and some of my favourites to really help you challenge the lack of self confidence. By questioning what is happening, you can evaluate what is a truth, and connect positives to speaking.

When you do this, you start to reset your neural pathways to tell your brain that it's ok! No bear here! By opening these up you will be leading the way to feeling safe and sure when you speak.


Confidence is a journey that starts with understanding you, and being an innovative introvert shouldn't stop you.

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