• Alexandra Bond Burnett

5 vocal tips to use before your meeting

Your Presentation Toolkit

It could be a new client. It could be a department meeting. You’re in the process of preparing your presentation… You have your notes, your laptop, your slides, you’ve run through your objectives for the session… what else do you need? Coffee and a wing and a prayer?

You will take a good deal of time making sure you have all the technical tools to make your presentation, but are you preparing the most crucial device you have? Your voice is the tool that connects with your audience directly. it carries all of your material, it gives a vital impression to your client.

Here are 5 quick fire tips to help nail that pitch.

Eat a good hour and a half before your meeting.

If you eat straight before the food will sit heavily on your diaphragm which will impair your voice and projection, you’;l; struggle to get enough breath. But do eat! you’ll need the energy stored up!

Avoid dairy.

The high fat content of diary sits on the chords (well, thickens any phlegm that may be lurking) and this will impair the quality of your voice.

Quick warm up! 

Stretch your arms up, gently tip your head from side to side to lengthen your neck. Take in deep breaths and hold for 10 seconds to get your intercostal muscles (rib muscles) warmed up.

Water water… 

the anti dairy! You already know this one BUT do drink plenty of water to lubricate your chords. Don’t drink so much that you’ll need the loo during the meeting…

Stretch your mouth 

...as wide as possible. Like a big fish. Hold. Repeat. Pout. You’ll look ridiculous for a few seconds but not as ridiculous as when you trip over your words because you’ve not warmed your lips up.

Before you head in, review your notes in your head. Deep breath. Smile –  smiles are infectious.

You’ve got this.

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