• Alexandra Bond Burnett

Does it take courage or confidence to be a better speaker?

Last week I got a big old reminder of that paralysing fear factor...

I’m not the most confident of skiers, and last week I had a moment when my fear was really holding me back from taking the next step that I really wanted to take (reds. I really wanted to take on a red).

I then recognised all the traits that I see with clients... and that’s when becomes a bit like speaking or presenting for those with... THE FEAR.

The fear, is that feeling that stops us from wholeheartedly throwing ourselves into something that really needs us to commit to make it work.

The feet first kind of actions. Skiing only works if you lean down the mountain.

Throw your weight back and you’ll be making a lot of hard painful work for your self.

Speaking and presenting is much the same.

You can’t read about being a better speaker.

You can’t theorise about having better bolder conversations.

It takes a dollop of courage.

You have to take a deep breath, review your technique and throw your self down the mountain.

And then again. Until you’re awesome.

Confidence comes with experience.

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