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  • Alexandra Bond Burnett

Influence others with the way you speak

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

This is my persuasion challenge! Can you influence others by changing your voice?

Yes, you can. But it takes practice…

Ever noticed how your voice changes when speaking with different people? There is a reason why that happens.. the challenge comes by being aware of why, and navigating your voice to change people’s responses to you. I call this transactional communication.

Video Transcript

Hi here I am in sunny Brighton. It’s lovely to be here today and taking opportunity to make a quick vid about my key methodology and my key methodology when it comes to presenting or coaching of speaking in general istransactional communication. What do I mean by that? I mean your voice changes location. If you think that your voice can move… just bear with me!

It could be at the front of your mouth, in the back of your throat, in your chest, or in the top of your head and that often changes depending on who we speak to. What is it that makes us change? The transaction. The transaction is how we perceive someone else and how we want to be perceived by that person. And that usually relates to status which is how, I suppose importance.

I don’t like to think of Status is importance because it infers that someone else is less important,  but how we perceive ourselves in relation to that other person. The thing is if you can understand that, and control that, and change the way that you’re responding, you’ll be amazed by what happens it can change how they respond to you as well.

So, for the rest of the day challenge number one: see if your voice changes location depending on who you speak to. For the rest of the day.

Have a think about it or let me know if you definitely know it changes. Doesn’t have to be in the workplace it could be anywhere and let me know how you get on. Meanwhile, I’m going to go and enjoy the seaside before my parking is up and have to go back to the office.

Effective communication

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