• Alexandra Bond Burnett

How the accountancy skills gap is affecting recruitment

Earlier this year the Accountex team asked me to host a recruitment round table at their annual conference.

I wrote up the discussions that came up in an article for Accounting Insights recently, which you can read below.


I'd love to know if you agree, or disagree with the discussions brought up.

Familiar themes keep appearing in my diagnostic talks with clients this year... those who looking to upskill, or almost 'back' skill their teams to have more confident conversational skills... digitally. Most of they time they say to me "I just want them to pick up the phone and stop emailing!"

The Age Of Text

The new workforce has grown up in the age of text based communication - texting, emails, snapchat... which means that the communication method is centered around

"throw out your message and wait to see what comes back"

Whereas talk based communication is in the moment and direct. Real time communication. No edit or delete function. Live interaction and reactions.

Terrifying for some.

SMEs have been through big changes especially in the area of automation  … but has the training and recruitment process changed with it? 

New automated processes means the job description is changing... or perhaps the workforce is the one who changed and no longer fits the mold.

Would you say there is a skills gap in accountancy?

I'd love to hear your experiences. alexandra@bondambition.co.uk