• Alexandra Bond Burnett

Speak with the chocolate quality of Terry Wogan

Would you like to speak with the rich luscious tones of a bar of dairy milk?

We meet people in a few moments, and those few moments will make an impression… or they won't. Here are two of favourite exercises to increase your vocal variety, and warm ups to strengthen the chords.

Sliding Hum

Gently run your hands up and down your throat. Aim to warm and relax your neck and throat, and then rub your cheeks.


Time to warm up your vocal chords with subvocalised long tones.

Lightly close your mouth , letting your facial features drop… releasing any muscular tension.

Hum a single note for a few seconds, then take a breath. What you should feel is your jaw and throat starting to release and relax. This is also great to do in any breaks as a warm up.

Vocal quality

Remember Terry Wogan and that beautiful chocolatey voice? Filled with vocal quality which I sometimes call “Colour in the voice”.

Sliding scales are something any singer will do to warm up their range, and ‘stretch’ their voice qualities. We’ll do the speakers version of that.


Grab the nearest book, or magazine that you can find.

Read a page out loud… BUT you will start each sentence with your voice at the low end of the scale ending up on the high end of the scale, and back down again.

Imagine you are sitting on a playground swing, match your voice to the rhythm of the pendulum - rising up and down smoothly with the motion.

Try this every morning for a week and you're voice will be richer than Monaco Yacht party.

Let me know how you get on, and for more exercises keep tuned to the #speakingambition podcast.