• Alexandra Bond Burnett

Top 5 tips to help you become a memorable Financial storyteller

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

How many times have you delivered a presentation that has been full of financial reports, metrics, or statistics... And feel like you've lost the room? The risk with delivering this static information is that you alienate the audience, or make them feel stupid.

Profitability went up 23%? but what does that really tell us about the business? Why did it? What changed? Where does that take us?

Presenting financial information to non financial people is a minefield.

But it doesn't have to be that way.  Data storytelling is how we humanise the metrics and help the audience to remember you and understand your report... and KNOW what it means.

Here are my top 5 tips to help you become a memorable Financial storyteller


So many times we deliver that the data IS, but not what it MEANS. 

Ask yourself this: 

  • What are you trying to say with the data?

  • What theory does it support?

  • And what does it mean to your audience?

  • What is interesting/useful to them?

2) Conflict and Resolution 

What makes a really good story? Mystery? Intrigue? Yes! Our brains engage when we have this element of excitement, and you need to find these in your presentation. 

"But I'm presenting on management financials! What's mysterious about that?"

You may have a point! 

Here's your tip. Every GREAT story has two things: conflict, and resolution, which really means... what is the problem? And what is the solution? Simple. 

3) Imagery 

Humans are very visual creatures. We need to see things to create a memory. 

When explaining data, we need to create a memorable image. 

Like a pound coin. We can see a pound coin, we all have. But not many of us have seen £3m.  So when you explain "every 19 pennies in a pound..." we see it. We visualise it. We create a memory. 

4) Be descriptive

Help your audience As above, you need to help your audience SEE and FEEL what you're telling them. Be descriptive, tell your story. Profit wasn't just 20% up. WHY was it up? What lead to that? Why is it important? 

5) Present with energy

Very simple. If you sound bored, your audience will be board. If you do the work above you will understand the emotions behind the numbers, and that will connect to your voice, and then your audience.  

Overall, keep it simple. We're all human - and that's what it is all about. Remember - behind every number is a human action. 

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