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When it comes to AI, what value will the humans bring to the workforce?

With automation and AI entering professional services, what will you be doing to enhance your human value?

I have a 13 month old son, and he is at that age were he’s trying to talk and walk, eager to be independent.

He can’t quite use a spoon to scoop, and he can’t yet walk, though it won’t be long.

We were in our living room the other morning, and saw him waddle over to my phone, press the home key and watch Siri activate. Then he leant into the phone and spoke to her.

My son can’t get the porridge on the spoon but he knows how to speak to AI.

Are you shocked? I was! But this isn’t about my parenting skills… this is about what I’ve been learning more about. AI. Automation. Robots working alongside us.

It’s happening.

Is AI working for us, or with us?

I saw Alexander Low speak yesterday about digitized and automated ecosystems, he spoke powerfully about the fact that changes aren’t coming… they are here.

Alex says “That which cannot be automated will become high value”

The professional service industry is using enhanced automated systems hour by hour,  I know I do. I use automated filing, communication technology, dictation software, scheduling, and cloud based tech. I use a sat nav to get around, my watch records my sleep patterns, and my fridge nags me when it’s left open.

Disrupting the way we work with AI

A well-known legal team in London is already replacing the support teams with robotic software. John Stovold supports the notion that AI should be used to help us enhance the workforce, not replace it, but two years ago we saw software ROSS Intelligence start to be used to complete “to do the expensive menial jobs” and legal work such as bankruptcy cases.

“AI is disrupting the way people interact with the legal system.” CHRIS WELLER

We dictate Disruption Technology is the new normal – but what does that mean for us humans?

In 27 years, so when my son reaches 28 years old, it has been estimated that AI will have reached the same thinking power as us humans. I’m not sure if that amazes or scares me, to be honest – a little of both.

Businesses are now seeing the effects of the latest AI industrial revolution, it’s time to start changing the way we look at our roles in the company.

When you take away the automated processes of our jobs, the thinking technology, what value we left with?

Us humans.

Our character is what becomes the odd one out, the humanity is what becomes essential. Will empathy, understanding, emotional intelligence become the most employable skill in a world where AI does the data filing for us? That essense of what draws us to one another, and gives us the drive to make purchasing decisions.

I’ll have a think about the value of humans, as I ask Siri to read the bedtime story tonight.

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