A 6-month coaching transformation to develop your brand, skill and behaviours to be an influential leader


You have the power to create positive change. Starting from within and working out.

A leader's role is not only to make decisions and take action, but also to influence those around them for the better. 

This programme uses real life workplace experiences to develop clear and more effective communication practice, whether you're presenting to the leadership team, delivering a keynote, pitching to investors or managing a difficult conversation. 

Learn the fundamental principles of influence, communication and emotional management  to make your mark as a leader in your own unique style. 


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Coaching that challenges leaders to reach their potential and beyond 

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Previous clients have experienced a whirl-wind of transformation:


Strong influence & confidence  that brought them all better opportunities 


Increased EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), and higher performance levels 


Calmer happier responses to managing their self and stress, impacting their work and home life 


Achieved: Promotions, values based career changes, successful relationships, introduced new profitable ideas to organisations, talent acquisition, and culture development. 

Who is it for? 

The programme is not for everyone, which is why it's important  to book a call to see if this is right for you.

The applicants in previous programmes have included: 

  • Managing Directors of scaling tech companies 
  • Heads of departments moving to Directorships 
  • Technical leads needing to develop a more people and public facing role 
  • Leaders needing to pitch, and develop strategic relationships
  • Leaders needing to visibly contribute, and have more influence in their organisation
  • A leader feeling lost and overwhelm in their current role, needing to align more with their values and sense of self



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Transformation tools: 


5 modules crafted for you to dive into at your own pace, to open up your thoughts, your possibilities and your values. 


Confidential, judgement-free and straight talking coaching to embed high-performance habits led by an accredited ICF Coach


You won't be let off easily, using your own motivation I will holding you to account to make deep changes. 

Using the signature WAVES method to become the impactful leader you already are 

Wide Awake


Wide Awake awareness looks at developing super self-awareness as a habit, to understand your strengths, your blind spots and build emotional intelligence. 


  • DISC personality report 

  • Self-awareness 

  • High Performance

Allied Conversations


Learn problem-solving techniques, motivate others and position yourself as influential using empathy, coaching tools and personality tools techniques.


  • How to Influence others 
  • Coaching Conversation Styles 
  • Coaching Models 
  • Communication with different personalities  


Needs, culture and drive 

Explore and identify the values that drive you and your decisions, and get clear on what makes you stand out as a leader and how you can create a values-led culture. 


  • Your values 
  • Needs and motivations 
  • Your part in a culture

Express Ideas & Engage

Presenting with Presence 

Effectively engage and express your ideas and data in a persuasive and engaging way using storytelling techniques, dynamic presentation skills and executive presence.


  • Storytelling 
  • Executive Presence 
  • Excellent Presentations 

Success Habits

High-performance habits

Throughout your journey, you will map out bespoke and repeatable habits that fit you, and work with your mindset to develop healthy high-performance long term.


  • Habit tracking 
  • Adapting neural pathways for stronger performance

Participants explore:


Over 12 months participants will learn: 

  • Adaptable leadership presence 
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Clear storytelling 
  • To create space for inclusion 
  • How to use voice and body language 
  • Personal resilience
  • How to hold space  
  • Gravitas and poise when needed 

The focus is on self-awareness, rapport and executive presence skills, learning new techniques and embedding them for you as new behaviours with coaching sessions.



17-page DISC Personality Report


60 Minute 1-2-1 Self Awareness Session


Learning portal including 5 modules with workbooks, videos & resources


12 x 90-minute group coaching (biweekly)


3 x Training Lab Days


Email support 


To apply register your details to find out about the next intake 

What they say 

Katie, - BGL Insurance

The programme has given me the confidence to understand what I want and need from situations.

When I get too emotional on situations I can now remove that from the situation in order to get the best outcome for my work. Now I sit and reflect on meetings/conversations in a way I couldn’t before.

When I approach a difficult situation, it has given me the ability to think about the other person in the conversation and what their values or needs might be. I can then tailor my approach and build meaningful relationships.

Linda, Business Controller - Norway 

Since I completed the programme I have received so much positive feedback about my communication skills- from how well I now facilitate large meetings, to handling difficult conversations. 

I am so aware of how I build up my story and presentation for everyone so I can impact everyone listening. Before I did the programme,  I wanted to do more presentations, but it was something I dreaded. Presentations were really stressful.

However, the last presentation I did I was totally aware of myself. I could see the audience. I knew how to use my voice and how I would use my facial expressions, and pause. The feedback after was like, "have you been to someone professionally?"!

In fact, I've got feedback from our managers that they have seen a huge improvement that now I'm on a totally different level. I can now get involved and go forward with projects that I wasn't offered before, because of the way I communicate and bring people together. 

I have a different life. I'm so grateful to have gone through this. 

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