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The Programmes

The programme is for

It takes 21 - 66 days to learn a habit and transform your neural pathways. 

How do I work with finance and accounting professionals? 

 I coach people to embrace their natural communication style, breaking through self limiting beliefs and enhancing their techniques with speaking, tone and body language.

My mission is to get finance known for being exceptional in human skills. Open to growth and agility. 

This all starts with revealing your skills, your strengths.. and your areas for improvement.

Is the programme for you?

This might not be the best for you. Then again, It might be the development you've always needed to reach your full potential. 

It's important to know if we have the right chemistry, to help you learn and breakthrough your barriers. 

The first step is to book a short discovery call with me. In the call I will dig out your goals, and what it is that holds you back, and the best course of action for you. 

Book a call here

I don't sell on calls. Firstly - I don't like it, but mostly because if we were to work together firstly you need to be clear on your goals, and check if we are a good fit. During the call I'll find out what you need, and what you need to get where you need to be. 

The flagship communication programme that not only trains you but coaches you through your specific barriers towards your career changing goal. Blending psychology, speaking and data storytelling this programme lifts your abilities to :

 - Connect to all personalities with insights and understanding

- Influence actions and ideas 

- Affect people & relationships with strong professional presence

Elevate Teams 

Game-changing skills training for your team. Designed around your ultimate, the programme:

 - Delivers behaviour changing and confidence boosting communication training 

- Diagnoses unseen and deeply buried communication barriers 

- Changes the way your team present, connect and influence 

Unclear what what's holding you back?




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