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You know more than any one, to take any steps forward you first need an accurate report of where you are. 

Soft skills are difficult to measure, but this tool will help you to benchmark your skills against the required speaking skills in finance. 

Discover your presenting skills score today and:

1. Gain clarity on where the gaps are in speaking skill set, are you adapting your voice? How high is your emotional intelligence? Are you an effective storyteller?

2. Receive personalised score report including on how to improve your skills in each of Reach communication framework

3.  Once you gain your results you'll have a clear plan of action of where to focus and what to prioritise

Answer 32 questions and get your personalised scorecard.

Free of charge, in less than 2 minutes your report will be complete .

The Elevate Approach 

The scorecard measures your skills against Elevate Approach, a blend of presenting, psychology and personality. 





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Understanding your personality can affect your conversations, and help you to interact with all stakeholders

Recognise how other people influence your behaviour, change financial information into persuasive stories and you will influence change in any room.

Presenting and public speaking are the essential skills that help you authentically deliver information 


The Accountants Communication Scorecard 

I knew that I could probably be better at presenting, but on the whole I thought I did a good job. The scorecard really made me see that I was really costing through on a part of my role which is actually pretty important

Scorecard user




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