become a natural confident speaker

Alexandra is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend her for any training needed. I cannot wait to demonstrate some of the skills and tips that I learnt from Alex!

- Zoe 

Invest in your self

By taking time to practice in our group sessions you will be able to:

>Speak clearly and confidently 

> Manage difficult interruptions 

> Support and lead your team confidently 

> Discover your best speaking voice 

> Become more visible and influential


Group dates

Online groups run every month. All times are GMT and hosted on Zoom.


Places are limited to ensure the quality of the session, and is booked as first come first served. 

-Free Webinar: Strengthen your Professional Presence in 5 Steps
Jul 30, 2:00 PM GMT+1

Don't stop there

Did you ever learn to play a musical instrument?


I started piano  when I was at school and managed a miserly grade one. Because I didn't practice. There is one song I still remember, but that's because I worked at it until it became second nature. Yes, it might be the theme to Titanic... 

The only way to become a master is to keep practising and honing your skills, which is why I have partnered up with Virtual Speaking to provide you with your own virtual reality app so that you can practice in your own private space using a selection virtual rooms. 

Virtual reality training

Practice makes perfect - with our Virtual Reality app you can practice your skills in a virtual space in private with guided tuition.

All you need is a smart phone and a headset, which you can purchase online starting from £6

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